good south asian girls don't have tattoos (and that's why i'm covered in them)

"Drawing on myself gave me a feeling of control. I would look in the mirror and see an amorphous, racially ambiguous person. Even temporary ink on my skin gave me edges I desperately needed and a sense of grounding I wasn’t getting elsewhere."


"at the root of Sullivan's pernicious argument is the idea that black failure and Asian success cannot be explained by inequities and racism, and that they are one and the same; this allows a segment of white America to avoid any responsibility for addressing racism or the damage it continues to inflict."

"Women—and not just Asians—around the globe are subject to the pressure of having fair skin. Skin bleaching is a 10-billion-dollar-a-year industry. And this obsession with skin color isn’t just about beauty: It has real-life consequences that can stretch to everyday prejudice, class status, and quality of life. "


"Asian Americans have a different challenge than other non-Black people of color when it comes to uprooting anti-black racism. The model minority myth and the criminalization of Black and brown folks in our communities have given many Asian Americans a false sense of honorary whiteness and severed us from building coalition with other communities of color.

We’re told imperialism, colonialism, and militarism on the Asian continent have different roots than chattel slavery in America and that these historical oppressions of our people were often “for our own good.”

White supremacy fed us anti-black racism and many of us believe it out of fear – and hope.

So it’s up to us to right anti-black racism in our communities. It’s up to us as Asian Americans to show up for Black community with our family, friends, and kin."